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 Request - a nasty one (sorry)

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PostSubject: Request - a nasty one (sorry)   Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:53 am

Hi Jana
Today I'm a little horny. I was thinking about an old fantasy about you.
I sent this one the last year as idea for a video... maybe a little too nasty.

Scene in POV (point of view), you doggy style with the camera behind you.
For all the duration of the video you rub your clit with your fingers and a rocket pocket. after few minutes you assert you are going to try a really big anal penetration, at this point the camera man shows on his hand a very big dildo, a little too big (soon I'll explain why)... then the hand of the camera man start to oil your ass, then fingering your ass hole while you moan. Then the hand try to put 2 fingers in you ass hole, just for few second and you exclaim "Oh My God!" or somthing similar... at this point you stop the hand, look at the camera deeply and with a sexy submissive face ask "Now I wanna try the big one" bite for a second you lips and then "I don't know if I can take it, but I really wanna try!"
You start again your masturbation with the pocket rocket while the camera man oil the big dildo, then rub the big tip on your ass, sometimes tryng to penetrate your anus (but without any real result), sometimes the tip of the dildo could slip against your pussy lips and your ass checks just an istant before going in (the point is that until now the penetration seems fail every time)... all during this action you could moan and say something like "Oh my god it's too big" or "go slow! it hurts" or "please try again!". At the end finally you claim you are near to orgasm, and now (if you want) the big tip of the dildo penetrate your ass hole, only the tip, in just a second you have an hard orgasm and twist away ending the penetration... then you rest really tired... the camera go on your pleased face... you say to your fans "Sorry guys, I really can't take it... but this idea make me so horny... my god... I have to try again in the future!" and blow a kiss

Too nasty? Maybe... but it's very erotic in my opinion.

A kiss.

Rej's friend
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Jana's fan
Jana's fan

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PostSubject: Re: Request - a nasty one (sorry)   Sun Oct 19, 2008 2:12 pm

This, from Rej's friend gives a new meaning to "doggy! LOL!
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Request - a nasty one (sorry)
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